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Thursday, November 27, 2008

After creating my website, how should I handle the traffic and convert prospects into customers?

You as a website owner will be constantly visiting your website traffic logs to see how many visits your sites are getting. After noting that people spend considerable time on your website and then move away after reaching the shopping page, you wonder if all this work is ever going to be worth the effort.

It’s not that easy to convert a user into a customer unless you show a potential reason to the visitor that your website is worthy for the money that they want to spend.

Now converting those visitors into buyers or clients is a little tricky. As they say the first impression is the last impression, the graphics used on the website definitely strike the attention of the end user but too much design and graphics might just make it cluttered.

As the visitor decides to surf through your website, it is important to build trust with the prospect.

If the prospect wishes to shop on your website make sure the process is simple yet robust so that it is an easy transition for the prospect into a customer.

But would you ensure a smooth experience for the user? Naturally, if the buyer is in full control of the buying process and there are no sneaky questions or promotional elements during the process, they will have no hassle parting away with their money.

A full disclosure of your services is as important as the privacy of your customer.

*** Now before we suggest you some tips on improving your shopping cart experience, there are a few general points that you should consider regarding your website.

Every small thing counts here;

* Most of the times, the visitors to your website enter through the homepage so it is essential that the objective is clearly mentioned to the visitor. The service or product offerings should be listed clearly on the page.

* Make call to action for the visitors clear so that they walk through the path that you have full control over.

* Introduce the customers to the products and create a sense of need or urgency to acquire that product as they are unlikely to revisit or buy the product later. A good description and benefits come in handy here. Don’t go overboard here or sound desperate.

* And after all who doesn’t love a clean website design! Avoid cluttering all elements and keep the visitors engaged.

Some important tips to keep in mind for strengthening your customers shopping experience:

1. With so many online frauds happening, the visitors are a little circumspect. So the first thing they look for in the website is trust and credibility. There are various ways through which you can build trust with the online customer which include many safe and reliable online portals and associations which monitor each transaction closely.

2. Clear, Easy and User-friendly navigation plays a great role in making a better shopping experience with very less time consumption.

3. Have a link to the FAQ page which can assist the customer in case he/she feels lost or hits a roadblock.

4. Ensure that any kind of policy – be it shipping, privacy, affiliate etc... is clearly laid out to the customer in a simplified language.

5. Have a contact form for the customers in case they have any queries. It could become a good source of hot leads for your business. And remember that the turnaround time for your response should be as low as possible.

6. You should have the means of accepting and processing all kinds of cards. And suggesting an alternative to the customers makes it even better and reflects on your services.

7. Offering shipping to the clients takes you one step closer to closing the deal.

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