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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blogging, Syndication and RSS

Blogging, Syndication and RSS

Powerful new technologies exist to position your site's content across the web. This results in hundreds or thousands of one way, inbound, natural links from relevant sites to your content.

Create fresh content for your web site and install it in a weblog resident on your server. Use RSS and XML technology to distribute this content across the web, where it is republished by third party web sites. As each article is embedded with anchor text links to your web site, your site's link popularity quickly grows.

Additionally, distribute your content via distribution channels on the web. Web users and webmasters pick this content up and republish it. The effect is the same - your content is being republished across the web. Google and the others see this - and take note of it - as you are now an "authority" on the subject. An authority site ranks higher than a site not considered an authority by the search engines.

Borrowed from Arteworks.biz website. Original article HERE.

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