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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Video Search Engine Optimization

Link Bait, Social Media, Video Search Engine Optimization

Link bait is content on your web site that encourages ("baits") people to link to your site. As inbound linking is so important to Google rankings, the creation of quality link bait is an integral component of any effective search marketing strategy.

Articles, blogs, tools and widgets, even audio and video content, can be attractive fodder for inbound links.

Video optimization is becoming increasingly important, as videos seem to be doing especially well in universal search and are very attractive to site owners as targets of links. Video content can have a viral effect as well, by providing code for the insertion of your videos on third party sites, your video content can be easily dropped into any third party site, pre-configured with links back to your site!

Full service video editing, production, and social media optimization
We offer a full range of video services and can assist you in planning videos for Internet distribution. We can then professionally edit the video, adding titles, effects, and audio clips, and exporting the video into popular Internet formats.

It doesn't stop at production, however. We are experts in video optimization. We will embed the proper meta content into each video, as well as distribute the video content on YouTube, MetaCafe, MySpaceTV, and similar sites. We will make sure the videos get bookmarked and seen, with the goal of creating a viral buzz about your video content.

Video content is a great way to benefit your actual site users as well. It makes your site appear more professional and legitimate. And, if you are adding new video content on a regular basis, it will keep your users coming back for more.

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Video: our next seo nugget.

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