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Monday, December 29, 2008

How to put AdSense in the middle of Blogger posts


In the famous Google AdSense heat map are reported the most profitable areas where to put advertising for your site or blog.

There is no mention of a placement in the middle of your posts.


Because by default Blogger, the blogging platform offered by Google, doesn’t offer a way to break a post in the middle and put there an ad.

But, if you search very carefully on the Net, you’ll find that several webmasters tried to put ads in that position and report a significant increase in profits.

This post doesn’t confirm an increase in profits when an ad is in the middle of a post, but explains how to put AdSense in the middle of a Blogger post.


There is a simple way to solve this problem: move post body around the advertising code, just with a bunch of JavaScript and a couple of DIVs. In 2 easy steps:

In your Blogger template:

Find the tag (you must check Expand Widget Templates in Blogger console) and replace it with following code:


*** EDITOR COMMENTS: - Google obviously doesn't want ads in the middle of Blogger posts. this is the second time the html I posted to put adsense in the middle of Blogger posts has vanished. In addition, the code also disapeared from the test blog it was put on.

For the betterment of the SEO movement, this blog cannot get "black listed" by Google, so we need to move to a different topic. ANY FEEDBACK?


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1 comment:

Jay Castillo said...

for my blog, all my adsense in the middle of blogger posts suddenly became public service ads a few hours ago. I already removed the code and used standard placement and my adsense are back to normal.