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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

Excellent advice from Bruce Clay.

With a PPC campaign, content or Web design changes are not necessary, although in order to create really effective Pay Per Click Internet advertising, you might want to make some changes.

In fact, a Web site is not even really needed. A Web page that answers the searchers query and points them in the right direction for more information is all that is really required.

Compelling content that gives visitors what they are looking for and converts them into buyers or leads is what you really need.

Your PPC Campaing landing pages should load fast. This means you shouldn’t clutter them with heavy images and unnecessary information.

Don’t let your visitors wait too long because they are likely to get frustrated and go somewhere else. And all this after you paid for them to click to your site.

Create Compelling Content:

For the most part, visitors tend to scan websites, looking for the information or offer they saw in your ad. It’s best to leave out extraneous content that does not fit into your ad's objectives. A cluttered website can be confusing so it’s important to organize relevant information in a clear and concise format. Use a clear and compelling call to action to lead your visitor to your offer.

Use Easy to Follow Navigation:

Make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. They are there to accomplish a task, be entertained, learn something or take advantage of an offer. Make it easy for them to do what they and you want them to do. A user-friendly website is an efficient website that maximizes productivity and minimizes frustrations. It values the visitor providing them with a positive & rewarding experience.

Follow Some Simple Usability Rules:

Consider what your visitors experience might be after they click on your ad. For example, if your target market is baby boomers or senior citizens, they most likely will have difficulty reading smaller text, so create landing pages with larger, easy to read fonts. If your demographics are mostly women, use language that appeals to women. Be sure your page loads quickly and there is a compelling and prominent call to action.

Track Conversions:

If your Web site is not a product driven e-commerce Web site, you might also consider using a short form for your visitors to fill out requesting more information or to obtain a free product or sample. You can then use this form to track conversions at least at the PPC campaign level. If it is product driven, and they can purchase directly from your Web site, be sure to put some form of metrics in place for tracking conversions.


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